“I’m a BIG BELIEVER in your program.  At the start of the lesson, you talked to him about what was expected and helped him approach the session with a mission of what was going to be accomplished that day.  I have seen instructors who will throw balls endlessly with the student rarely getting better.  Your professional approach helps him focus and set goals for improvement.”
“Most important, you took an interest in his well-being and helped to provide him with the tools he needs to be successful in life and sports. I appreciate the time you take to emphasize the importance of school and his grades.”
“His hitting has improved.  He is gaining power and driving the ball to all parts of the field.  Thanks for your professionalism and teaching him that hard work leads to better results, not just in sports but in life.” 
-Victor Grant
“We are extremely pleased with the lessons that our son, Justin, is taking with Homer.””Homer is patient and motivating and Justin’s hitting has greatly improved since working with him. Justin looks forward to his lesson every week.”
-The Grech Family
 “Homer is a fantastic hitting coach. He was able to tweak my son’s swing from an average hitter to a constitently good hitter with power almost overnight. My son now has complete confidence at the plate. I would highly recommend Homer to anyone who wants their son to be a better hitter.”
– Wade Erickson
 “It has been a great experience and pleasure to be involved with Homer Bush and the approach to baseball he brings. His ability to teach and breakdown the finer points of hitting both mentally and physically, as well as his ability to watch a player and in a few swings pick out the flaws and make simple adjustments, is why Homer is considered one of the premier hitting instructors in this area.”
-Chris Pool
“Homer Bush is an amazing guy. At a time when he likely didn’t realize it, he made the most incredible impact on my son’s life. My son was bullied, badly. If he wasn’t being bullied in school, he was being bullied on the field in baseball.
We decided to make a move to the USA, and that’s when life as we knew it for our son changed in ways we could never dream of. A chance meeting, which developed into a lucky break for our son with Homer meant our son having his love of the game completely restored. He lifted, inspired and encouraged our son and showed him what baseball is meant to be, and what it means to be a part of a team.
Thank you, Homer, for all you’ve done and all you continue to do to inspires youth in this world.”  
Sincerely, Shelby Gunnar

“Homer Bush is a remarkable athlete and a great guy!  He sure knows hitting…Hitting Guru!”  
-Drew Wildstein, Yankees Men’s Fantasy Camper
“Homer has a wealth of knowledge and successful experience with professional hitting. This easy to read book will provide value to any coach or youth looking for the opportunity to improve his/her knowledge of hitting as well as how to prepare and win at the plate.”  (Speaking about Hitting Low in the Zone: A New Baseball Paradigm)
-Orlandas J. Cannon