Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my power and extra-base hits?

In order to improve power and extra-base hits, you must learn to consistently elevate the baseball.  And to do this, you need the proper load and swing path to increase bat speed.

How can I lay off the high fastball?

Laying off the high fastball takes discipline.  You must lower your vision through your mechanics in your load to anticipate and be ready to execute on the lower pitches.

Why do I hit so many ground balls?

If you take the wrong path to the baseball, ground balls are the outcome.  Ground balls are less productive than balls hit in the air.  A ground ball hit to the infield, almost always is an out.  Keep the barrel of the bat inside the baseball as opposed to coming around (or rolling over) the ball to get the ball into the air with consistency.  (See Part III of my book, Hitting Low in the Zone: A New Baseball Paradigm, Swing Mechanics for more details.

How important are my legs and lower half when hitting?

Proper use of the lower half allows the bat to stay in the hitting zone longer which aids the batter in handling different speeds and the downward trajectory of most pitches.