Video Analysis

Video Analysis

There has been considerable growth in the demand for quality video analysis of athletes. Video can be used to identify and correct player hitting techniques and mechanics.  I am able to break down segments of your player’s video footage frame by frame to identify the best adjustments to give him/her the greatest opportunity for success at the plate.

My 3 Step Process:

  • Initial consultation to educate the player and/or parent on what to look for when breaking down video footage
  • I’ll send followup examples of proper approach and mechanics, so that you and/or your player know what to strive for
  • I then take the video footage that you send to me via email and analyze it frame by frame with direct feedback to you and/or your player

What am I looking for?


  • Grip and stance positioning
  • Proper Load
  • Correct Swing Path
  • Fluidity of Body Movements
  • Overall Approach and Mechanics

Filming Tips:

Camera Placement… Try to use a camera in a fixed position if possible (tripod) to avoid shaking.  Observation is needed from different angles for a quality assessment.  Position the camera at various viewpoints to capture all movement.  Try to get footage from the catcher’s point of view or the player’s open side.

Lighting… Take account for lighting when filming video.  Watch out for glare from the sun  and tree/building shadows.  Poor lighting or over exposure can make it difficult to give a full and accurate assessment of the player’s swing.


$50 for each 30 minute session of video analysis

Session Length